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Use of Boron Composite Structures in Aviation

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This paper studies the past and future use of boron composite structures in aviation
Citation: APA; Page: 5( 1249words); 2002


The paper reviews the history behind the boron composites, their earliest and recent applications and development. The paper examines the use of boron in composite epoxies and fibers which are being used in the manufacturing of airframe. The paper depicts the successful use of boron composites in producing aircraft. The reduction in costs of boron composite is essential.

Years ago, boron composite used to be exported from Tibet. It was called borax ore , was also called Tincal. In Arabia, people used it to refine gold and silver. Chinese used it for ceramic glazes, whereas Egyptian used for embalming. In 1720, William Emblam Homberg who was the professor of chemistry isolated the boric acid in his laboratory. In 1808, boron was discovered by a British chemist ( Sir Humphrey Davy), and two French chemists ( Joseph Gay-Lussac and Baron Louis Thnard) . A large body of scientific research discovered the properties of this element but it kept going for several years.

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