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America’s Longest War: United States and Vietnam 1950-1975

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A review of the book, “America’s Longest War: United States and Vietnam 1950-1975”, by George C. Herring.
Citation: APA; Page : 4(1016 words); 2005


This paper reviews the book, “America’s Longest War: United States and Vietnam 1950-1975”, written by George C. Herring. The paper discusses three topics in details from chapter 6. The paper explains the reasons of comparing Vietnam War with Iraq War. The author points out that President Johnson had to face public criticism regarding Vietnam War. Similarly, President Bush is now in front of his public opposing his indulgence in Iraq War.

During Vietnam War, Clifford, Westmoreland, and Bunker had advised President Johnson not to send new forces to South Vietnam in late 1967 and let the country to fight on its own behalf. The main objective of America was to strengthen the South Vietnam to take any stand (Herring 239). For this reason, in early 1968, South Vietnam was officially informed by American President to be provided assistance and equipment but with limited man power. Furthermore, being agreed to the Dean Rusk’s advice, President decided to stop bombing in Vietnam in order to promote bilateral dialogues with North Vietnam. It shows that President Johnson heavily relied on their advisors and public opinion to some extent.

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