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America Culture Affecting the Development and Advancement of Globalization

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A detailed look at how America impacted the development of globalization
Citation: APA; Pages: 12( 3007 words); 2003


The paper reviews America culture affecting the development and advancement of globalization. The paper also reviews the America history during the period of 20th century. In this regard, the present paper examines the exported components of American culture in the area of economics telecommunications, goods and services, language, media, entertainment, and religion and as well as their impact on Western Europe, Japan and Canada.

A great effort has been put to create an interdependent global economy by explorers, generals, financiers and monarch as well. Great advancements in the area of communications, transportation and information technology appeared to be a driving force to facilitate globalization process. Owing to this, different cultures and economies have been integrated today. But in the modern age, the process of globalization seems complicated and challenging for different social identities. For instances; the influence of American culture in today world.

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