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Advertising and Consumerism

Brief Description:

Discussion about how advertisers target and take advantage of consumers
Citation: APA; Page: 10 (2509words); 2001


The paper examines the advertising’s strategies used to make consumers attentive toward the products as their compulsory needs at time. The paper also analyzes the advertising ethics and subliminal ads shown on the television and magazines.

Consumer’s attention is drawn toward the products in order to strengthen the business trough the method of advertising. Some times, the methods of advertising are unethical and sometimes seem to be very sophisticated. People are overwhelmed by the advertising gimmicks in both electronic and print forms to the extent that they are fed-up of sales pitches in their surroundings. That means, ways of convincing buyers to purchase goods may be risky in favor of them and as well as are unethical. Questionable techniques used by advertisers in order to influence the buyers may uncover unfavorable aspects of advertising.

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